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Happy New Year! Some news and updates.

Happy New Year Everyone!
01 January 2018

Hey ho the clocks have rolled over again. It’s like really slow time travel.

This site is on a new domain - How exciting! People have always moaned that the old address was crazy and too hard to type so new year, new address.

The old domain will redirect to the new one (for various reasons, with ‘www’ in front). Any old links on the internet and in people’s bookmarks should redirect just fine. I haven’t noticed any issues so far.

You should update your rss readers to but again, I think they should still work with the old address.

Also, Happy New Year! Remember, if you’re going to judge how your year went based on rolling news then guess what? Every year will be worse than the last. Everything’s going to be fine.

Have a good one.

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