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Rough Night

It’s not cheating if it’s with a prostitute, technically.
13 January 2018

So this is the white lady version of Girls Trip. They were released at roughly the same time and it’s almost a carbon copy, but this one lacks any of the charm and humour of its counterpart.

Plus, and I suppose you may have to forgive my ignorance here because I knew very little about the film going in, the ‘rough night’ goes so far that they KILL A GUY and spend the rest of the film trying to cover it up. What’s odd is that the murder is played for laughs but the actual scene isn’t funny in the slightest, it just makes you feel a bit queasy.

Still, the film isn’t completely devoid of humour but the funniest stuff comes from the side plots - the husbands at home and a couple of decent cameos from Ty Burrell and Demi Moore playing horny neighbours.

Some solid casting and the proven track-record of the director (Aniello is involved with Broad City, a very funny show) don’t stop this from feeling a little half arsed.