Ben Oliver

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Room 237

It says Room Nº 237. The only other word you can spell there is Moon. Moon Room.
14 January 2018

This was ostensibly a look into people’s theories on the Kubrick classic The Shining but it turned out to be a pretty interesting look into how flipping through films frame by frame can make you seem insane.

One guy screened the film with it playing in reverse, superimposed over the top. Another thinks that it’s Kubrick’s confession to faking the moon landing footage. Another sees numbers everywhere that only half add up, and even if they did, so what? There are at least a dozen moments in the film that can only be described as ‘total bollocks’.

What’s strange is that the film has a painful lack of self awareness. No one seems to hear themselves speak. It takes what it says so seriously that it’s almost surreal.

The Shining is definitely a complex and layered film but oddly enough this film manages to lose sight of its original goal.