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Mom and Dad

I hate pool.
28 January 2018

A mysterious event occurs that turns parents against their kids, sending them off on a crazy killing spree. Unfortunately this includes Nic Cage and Selma Blair, with Cage in particular being the craziest motherfucker of all. Their two kids try everything they can to survive.

Mom and Dad is utter madness put to film. It’s a short, wild ride that manages to keep the tension up while still getting plenty of laughs.

One of the greatest achievements here is that the whole film doesn’t get swallowed up by Cage’s manic performance. Blair brings her own brand of crazy to the table and it balances out wonderfully.

Taylor carefully controls the pace of the story. The plot gathers momentum like a flywheel and when it reaches the final third it’s gathered so much energy that it can’t be stopped.

There’s a scene where Nic Cage destroys a pool table with a sledgehammer while singing the hokey cokey and frankly this film is worth your time just for that.