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The Good Dinosaur

You are me, and more.
28 January 2018

A young dinosaur gets separated from his family and embarks on a long journey to find his way home.

They say Pixar don’t make films for kids but this one is surely aimed at a younger demographic. The story is so simple and single minded that it starts to get dull, and the characters outside of the main duo (Aldo the Dinosaur and Spot, a feral human he befriends early on) are so one dimensional that it’s hard to believe this is coming from the same people who made Finding Nemo.

In spite of the uncharacteristic lack of originality, The Good Dinosaur achieves a lot on the technical front. They manage to render the landscape with their typical larger than life aesthetic but also, at some points, an uncanny photorealistic quality.

A flawed concept with flawess artwork.

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