Ben Oliver

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We’re midway across the Atlantic. How do you kill someone in a crowded plane and get away with it?
08 April 2018

Perhaps we should have watched these Neeson films in chronological order because this film is almost identical The Commuter yet it pre-dates it by four years.

Liam is trapped in a moving box full of passengers and gets involved in a weird plot - again. He’s an ex-cop and a family man - again. Now he’s an Air Marshal who discovers a bomb on the plane. As he tries to un-fuck the situation he gets accused of being the hijacker - again.

It’s definitely odd that they made two films that share the same lead actor, director and storyline just four years apart from each other. My thoughts on the two are roughly the same. They are both solid, slick, silly fun that at no point try to convince the audience they are smart.

Watching one immediately after the other is rather punishing though. They aren’t that good. If I had known they were so similar to each other I would have probably waited a little.