Ben Oliver

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These people may be good, but they are not God. Although a little confirmation would be nice.
08 April 2018

OK I promise this is the last one.

In this case Liam is an ex-cop a biologist in Berlin for a conference with his wife, January Jones. He forgets his passport at the airport so gets a cab back to pick it up. The taxi crashes on the way and Liam winds up in a coma. When he wakes up, he finds that another man has taken his identity. Even his wife appears not to know who he is.

Neeson I’m sure is a great actor but he seems to only be capable of one note in the last four films we’ve watched. That starts to wear thin, but the cast is bolstered by good performances from Bruno Ganz, Frank Langella and Diane Kruger.

The set up and the premise are intriguing enough to keep you interested to the end and despite the (inevitably) disappointing reveal, Collet-Serra makes the journey almost worth the two hours. Having another act after all has been explained was a mistake, but otherwise Unknown is quite watchable. That still doesn’t mean you should watch it.