Ben Oliver


The Tao of Bill Murray

18 April 2018

Over the years actor Bill Murray has garnered a reputation for appearing in various places seemingly out of nowhere, then disappearing just as quickly. This book aims to collect some ‘Bill Murray’ stories from a number of sources and even turns to the man himself for some extra detail and explanation.

This is an entertaining series of anecdotes, well researched and well fleshed out by Edwards. He groups them under various headings, ten ‘rules’ that Murray lives his life by, but it doesn’t actually add much to the book. That said it doesn’t get in the way of being a good read so who am I to complain.

The final third is devoted to a tedious summary of every film Murray has starred in. While it does add the occasional tidbit of information it’s a largely pointless page-filling exercise and an odd way to end the book.

Worth a look if you’re a fan of the actor and want an easy read.