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Game Night

You’re like a double threat. Brains… and you’re British.
12 May 2018

A couples game night derails when a relative from out of town takes it over and plans a fake kidnapping/murder mystery party. It starts to go south when some real kidnappers show up at the door and everyone still thinks it’s a game.

It’s refreshing to see a studio comedy that doesn’t keep falling back on improvisation for laughs. Instead they paired a great script with a great cast and made a great film.

Jason Bateman is always a solid funny-but-not-too-funny straight guy, but the real star of the show is Rachel McAdams who balances being funny, likeable and relatable. Most comedies seem to ask their actors to pick one and discard the rest. Jesse Plemons also manages to steal every scene he’s in.

This one has flown under the radar a bit because it came out at the same time as Black Panther, but it’s a hoot. A must see for anyone who likes anything.