Ben Oliver

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xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Rock, paper, scissors, grenade launcher.
19 May 2018

Although the third entry into the xXx series was never going to be great, it’s refreshing to see this franchise finally put its tongue in its cheek. Stupid shit happens throughout but it never really asks the audience to buy what it’s selling.

Vin Diesel is back and the decades have been kind to him - he’s a lot less irritating and smug, and he’s a better actor than he was. That said, he has an orgy with a bunch of teenagers while wearing a giant fur coat so perhaps this film isn’t as self-aware as it seems.

Overall xXx 3 is pretty much what you’d expect. Clumsy cameos, thoughtless action sequences and a painfully unfunny sense of humour take the front seat. The plot is merely a flimsy frame on which to hang it all.

‘Not as bad as the other two’ is not exactly high praise but it’s all I’ve got.