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Jurassic World

You created a monster!
20 July 2018

Beats, Samsung, Starbucks, Pandora, Mercedes-Benz & Hilton: The Movie.

A pointless, soulless reboot. They built another dinosaur park because it’s going to be safe this time. They even genetically engineered the dinosaurs so it’s way better!

The only way to get over the shaky premise of it all might be to make this a cautionary tale about man’s hubris, but instead it’s about a guy who wants to weaponise dinosaurs and a sweaty Bryce Dallas Howard running in high heels. They do have a small jab at the woes of capitalism but there are far too many sponsors for that to really be a theme (plus there’s no harm in keeping things light…).

Disappointing isn’t the best way to describe Jurassic World because you couldn’t possibly expect much from it. However, just because something is a cynical cash grab doesn’t mean it has to all be white noise. Definitely a lot of missed potential here.

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