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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

I’m jumping out a window!
26 July 2018

So, so good.

When a mission to recover weapons-grade plutonium goes south, the government starts to lose faith in the Impossible Missions Force (shut up, it’s the best name ever). They are given one last chance to recover it, but the clock is very much ticking.

What more could you ask for from this film? Creative action, real stunts with real actors, relentless pace, nail biting tension and a plot that is simple enough to follow yet leaves room for twists and turns.

McQuarrie uses past events in the franchise intelligently, rewarding those familiar with the other films without alienating those new to the series. He also gives the cast room to breathe; even those in the film for only a few minutes are given stories and actual characters.

The first Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible film is 22 years old. We’ve surely seen and done it all before yet somehow the sixth film in the franchise is the best one. In fact, it’s probably out and out one of the best summer blockbuster action films of the last 20 years.

Watch in the cinema while you can. Has all the makings of a modern classic.

On a side note, we watched this at the wonderful Zefirellis1 Cinema in Ambleside. If you’re ever in the Lake District I can definitely recommend dinner and a film.

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