Ben Oliver

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I may not do everything great in my life, but I’m good at this.
26 August 2018

A chef (Jon Favreau) loses his temper with a critic on Twitter and loses his job as a result. He takes to the road in a food truck to try and re-kindle his passion for cooking and try to build a relationship with his son.

What a vibrant, funny, lovingly made film. You wouldn’t expect a feel good road trip from the man who seems more invested in The Avengers and remaking Disney classics but here it is.

It’s a little sickly sweet at times but Favreau always slams on the brakes before Chef gets overly preachy or sentimental. We are shielded from full-blown Hollywood schmaltz at all times and the result is better for it.

He conveniently makes his love interest Scarlett Johansson and his other love interest Sofia Vergara, probably a perk of directing and starring in your own film.

Chef has all the hallmarks of a formulaic damp squib yet it manages to be an endearing father-son comedy full of life and colour.