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Now You See Me 2

A magician’s greatest strength is an empty fist.
06 September 2018

So many questions.

I can answer the last one - morbid curiosity. Now You See Me was so poor that I was quite taken aback to hear they made a sequel to it. Sure enough, the sequel to a film about a group of magicians who do heists in their shows is pretty much as shite as you’d expect.

This time the so-called ‘Horsemen’ are captured (using magic of course) and sent to Macau where they must use magic to obtain a mysterious device for Daniel Radcliffe or face death. Luckily, the oldest magic shop in the world is right on their doorstep so they can stock up on magic supplies.

Lizzy Caplan replaces Isla Fisher and deserves a mention for being far and away the best thing about this film. That isn’t saying a lot but she does try quite hard to actually flesh out a character from the little she’s been given.

Otherwise there are really no redeeming features to Now You See Me 2. It’s for the most part a tedious and gruelling experience, although as things warm up towards the end and the ‘reveal’ unfolds one does begin to feel intellectually offended - up until then I had forgotten I could feel any emotion at all.

The tone of these films is so weird. They keep trying to make the world of magicians really cool and sexy and it just keeps backfiring.

Another stupid film in what is now a stupid franchise.

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