Ben Oliver

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Run & Gun Fun
20 September 2018

A brilliant little run and gun shooter that is even better when played in local co-op mode. The characters you control are parodies of action movie heroes (copyright be damned), the only catch being that you do you not get to choose who you play as. When you die, you respawn as a different character.

This is a clever game mechanic that forces the player to get to know all the characters. It only works if they are all nicely balanced, and they are: heroes range from hand to hand experts like Bruce Lee and Neo to gunners like Rambo to rocket experts like Tank Girl. It’s really fun to have to find different ways through a level.

Add an extra player and things get really interesting as you combine your skills to really bring the house down.

The ironic Team America style tone, smooth action, destructible world and simple controls all help make this a gem of a game. I’m sorry I overlooked it all these years.

If you love couch co-op definitely check it out.

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