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Central Intelligence

You’re like a snack-size Denzel.
07 October 2018

A former high-school nerd (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) reconnects with the school cool-guy (Kevin Hart), but after 20 years guess what? Dwayne is super buff and Kevin is an accountant! Oh my how the tables have turned. Turns out Dwayne is a CIA agent being framed for a crime he did or didn’t do and he ropes Kevin into the story to leverage his accounting skills.

If you are after some big-guy little-guy comedy you’d be better off watching the “fat guy chases a dwarf” sketch in Jackass. Johnson and Hart do have a bit of a spark on screen but this screenplay is so piss poor that it isn’t even remotely funny.

A bland, boring mess not worth your time. It’s no wonder they struggle to get studio comedies green lit these days.

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