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Bohemian Rhapsody

You’re a legend, Fred.
26 October 2018

The 15th law of filmmaking states: When making a biopic about an iconic, genre-bending, legendary act like Queen, you want Hollywood’s most boring director at the helm. It’s important that a band most well known for its originality and unpredictability should be represented in the most formulaic and pedestrian way possible.

I’ve used the phrase ‘paint by numbers’ a few too many times but Bohemian Rhapsody goes through the motions almost to the point of self-parody. The rise to fame, the struggle, the difficult parents, the iconic defining moment right at the end that redeems it all… Yes, it’s important to tell a story, but did it really have to be this bland and so loaded with bullshit?

To the film’s credit, the cast do look like their real life counterparts. Cool!

It’s a film about Freddie Mercury but it plays out like Chris de Burgh. Very ropey indeed.