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Incredibles 2

Suit up! It might get weird.
04 December 2018

It’s been a while since the events of The Incredibles and the world is a somewhat darker place for superheroes, they have been forced to live underground since new laws banning those with powers were passed. However, a high profile businessman wants to get them back into the public eye.

They also seem to have lost an article.

Pixar have seldom suffered from the dreaded sequelitis and while this perhaps isn’t quite as impressive as the first film it’s nonetheless a very solid entry into their catalogue.

One thing that stands out about these films is the focus on thrilling, creative action and a strong family dynamic ahead of getting cheap laughs. It’s a family oriented animation so of course it’s a funny film, but they aren’t afraid to go some time without any gags.

Brad Bird is also willing to avoid leaning on the Pixar tear-jerking-sauce too much, and although they are just so good at making everyone cry (myself included), bucking the trend a little makes The Incredibles stand out.

There are too many characters and the plot gives itself away way far too easily, but otherwise I’m glad the Parrs got one more outing.