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Isle of Dogs

Where ever he is, if he’s alive, we’ll find your dog.
08 December 2018

When dogs are outlawed by corrupt officials on mainland Japan, they are sent to an island used for refuse disposal. A boy crash lands on the island looking to rescue his dog, and is helped by other dogs along the way.

Possibly Wes Anderson’s most ambitious and creative work to date. He uses stop motion animation to stuff a seemingly infinite level of charm and detail into the frame, beyond perhaps what would be possible in a live action film. The art direction and the score make for a warm, almost tactile experience. You can almost reach out and feel the fur.

Isle of Dogs tries your patience a little for the first half hour but as things come into focus, all is forgiven. It sets the scene for a beautiful tale of loyalty and friendship.

For those familiar with Anderson’s work one might argue that this verges on self-parody at times, but he’s so sincere in what he’s doing that it’s hard to be a cynic.

Another innovative, endearing and honest piece of work from a great filmmaker.

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