Ben Oliver

Banner image for Interstellar


Do not go gentle into that good night.
30 December 2018

Yes yes I’m very late to the game on this one. You can’t watch everything!

Christopher Nolan understands spectacle like few others do and despite watching it on a TV, the sheer epic scale of Interstellar blew me away. He marries top-drawer visuals with a powerful soundtrack to great effect. The magic of cinema is alive and well when in good hands.

That said the weak, overly sentimental final act and faux-profundity of the whole screenplay hurt an otherwise very good film. For a movie about the end of humanity, there’s a weird lack of warmth. Then it gets clumsily rammed down your throat.

Interstellar is a well thought out exploration into the ramifications of time-shifting space travel, backed by some very powerful visual imagery. Possibly falls just shy of being a classic, but a very strong piece of work nonetheless.