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Hey, buddy. You the Fish Boy from the TV?
23 April 2019

A half-man half-Atlantian reluctantly takes on the task of stopping a war between land and water people by becoming the king of the seven seas.

Justice League introduced Aquaman to the world in a laughably clunky and awkward way, so they felt the need to make a 180 minute epic to rectify their mistakes. This was not a good idea, it’s like 4 films stitched together.

Aquaman ends up being a mixed bag. There’s witty-ish dialogue but endless action scenes. Quite good world-building material but way too much travelling around. A few solid Shakespearean ideas, but lots of villains and silly costumes. Jason Momoa is somewhat charismatic, but no one else appears to know what is going on.

You’ve seen it all before. Smashy smashy, colourful sets, loud shit, pointless fights, revenge stories, awkward jokes.

You could probably edit Aquaman down into something coherent using just the footage from the theatrical release. As it stands, this is a bloated mess that should have been an hour shorter.

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