Ben Oliver

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Angels and Demons

Their faith will not protect them from an explosion.
03 May 2019

Yes, we are persisting with this series.

A plot to blow up the Vatican has been uncovered. The bomb is a sample of anti-matter generated by the Large Hadron Collider. It’s a race against the clock to locate it, and only symbol-expert Robert Langdon has the know-how to follow the trail of clues around Rome.

Better than The Da Vinci Code in every way. Angels and Demons scraps the long monologues and goes for a more thrill-ride approach, with Hanks and Co. tear-arsing around Rome at a breakneck pace trying to stop the bomb going off.

It’s still essentially a game of join the dots on a map but setting it in one location makes for a more coherent and less stupid story.

Swap Tom Hanks with Nic Cage, swap the fake sci-fi bomb with a real bomb and you’d have something possibly worth watching. Instead Angels and Demons is a less tedious but still pointless sequel.