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Good Time

I think something very important is happening and it’s deeply connected to my purpose.
18 May 2019

A guy (Robert Pattinson) uses his mentally disabled brother as his accomplice in a bank heist. As they make their escape things go south and his brother gets arrested. Connie then tries to break his brother out of jail.

This is like one of those anxiety dreams where you can’t get to your exam on time. It’s a nightmarish sequence of events driven by a weird cocktail of greed and brotherly love.

Robert Pattinson steals the show, but the direction and the score are great too. The Safdies never let up on the claustrophobia and paranoia, striking a unique tone.

However, the relentless toxicity of it all eventually wears you down, and the lack of any structure to the screenplay starts to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Why put up with all the unpleasantness if it’s going nowhere at all? There’s only so much you can ask of an audience.

Flawed but nonetheless original, Good Time leaves a lasting impression. It’s good to see Robert Pattinson break his Twilight shackles.

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