Ben Oliver

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Let’s cock-block those motherfuckers.
27 May 2019

Three girls make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. Their parents get wind of the plan and team up to try and stop them.

Another intelligent coming of age comedy with another fresh take on the subject. Blockers is more caper comedy than Lady Bird and more slapstick than The Edge of Seventeen but it is nevertheless a great entry into the recent catalogue of smart, life-affirming teenage comedies.

The 3 kids plus 3 parents format works well, giving the 6 leads room to breathe without losing focus on the storyline. It also creates a whole load of interesting dynamics between the various characters.

As things wrap up the screenplay is happy to veer into cliches when it feels appropriate, and steer away from them when it wants forge its own path. The takeaway is a ‘whatever works’ message that is sentimental without being preachy.

Perhaps there’s too much Superbad style gross-out comedy but overall Blockers is hilarious, original and insightful. Great stuff.

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