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Toy Story 4

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08 July 2019

“Ah man we don’t need yet another Toy St- HOLY SHIT IT’S THE THEME TUNE IT’S BUZZ AND WOODY AND THEY’RE BACK!”

Yeah there are gags that don’t work, and yeah the plot bounces around a lot. Set that aside and just drink in the potent cocktail of nostalgia and the real star of the show, Forky.

Much will be written about Forky in the coming years, a character that treads the line between being and not being, to the point where he suffers an existential crisis. Pixar have somehow managed to write a philosophy paper using a spork with some pipe cleaner bent round it.

A fun romp, albeit not as consistently good as the films that came before. This is easily forgiven because Toy Story 4 strikes gold on numerous occasions and absolutely nails the ending.

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