Ben Oliver

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Project A

Who is laughing like that?
21 July 2019

The Hong Kong marine police (including Jackie Chan) are tasked with stopping pirates active in the area.

About 30 minutes into Project A it becomes clear that Jackie Chan couldn’t give two shits about telling any sort of story. Fortunately it’s just as clear that his focus is on great set pieces and breathtaking (dangerous!) stunt work.

At one point he dangles from a clock tower, Harold Lloyd-style, but then he lets go and falls through a couple of awnings before hitting the ground and landing on his head. There’s suffering for your art then there’s throwing yourself off a clock tower for a slapstick pirate comedy.

The jokes get lost in the sheer madness of the action but again that doesn’t really matter.

A stunt showcase the likes of which would not exist today. Chan puts the audience first when making films, and in doing so he gets incredible footage at great personal expense.