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When Harry Met Sally…

You realize of course that we could never be friends.
30 July 2019

Like Harry and Sally’s much-discussed Casablanca, this is a screenplay that doesn’t ever take a misstep.

Harry and Sally seem to talk effortlessly through the years but the level of work, research and lived experience it takes to make a film seem so true to life is astonishing. Then Ephron and Reiner throw in just enough Hollywood sparkle to prevent it from becoming a kitchen sink drama.

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan manage the shift in their character’s world views delicately and with great humour, selling the quick passage of time to the audience without friction.

The perfect blend of comedy, truth, insight, compassion and warmth. This film has doubled in age since I last saw it yet it hasn’t really aged a day. So much more than just one scene.

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