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Downton Abbey

A revolt? I’ll get the pitchforks!
14 September 2019

A film continuation of the hit TV show. This time, the King and Queen announce they are coming to visit Downton Abbey, and everyone must prepare.

This is essentially a Christmas special of the show, a comfort blanket for fans. Every character has their moment and does what you’d expect them to do. No more, no less. When viewed as a bonus episode, Downton Abbey is a bloated but enjoyable chapter in the story.

As a film, it doesn’t work. It’s packed far too tightly with characters, plots and subplots and there is far too much talent wasted on screen. They’d have almost been better off burning it all to the ground and starting again, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy style - but of course that wouldn’t have sold as many tickets.

Far from dire, but I would definitely advise you wait for it to reach a streaming service or DVD shop near you.

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