Ben Oliver

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Ready or Not

It’s true what they say, the rich really are different.
18 September 2019

A woman (Samara Weaving) marries into a rich family, and as a bridal initiation she plays a game of hide and seek with her in-laws. She soon finds out they are hunting to kill her, and must fend for herself.

Horror comedy is a tough genre to crack. Lean too far either way and you end up with tedious gore or constant attempts at cheap laughs. Ready or Not navigates these treacherous waters delicately, and finds a way to be simultaneously funny and disturbing.

Samara Weaving carries it all, undergoing real change and enduring armchair-gripping avert-your-eyes pain in the process. She’s funny, witty and relatable, definitely someone to look out for in the future.

Ready or Not doesn’t ever try too hard, everything funny or shocking surfaces organically from the blend of singular-vision screenplay, great camera work, art direction and memorable performances.

Catch this while it’s in the cinema, you won’t regret it!