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In Order of Disappearance

Three men can not fucking disappear without someone making them disappear!
22 September 2019

A man’s son is killed by a Norwegian drug cartel, so he sets out in the snow to get his revenge.

This is a classic revenge thriller tinged with a black as night sense of humour and set to a bleak Scandinavian backdrop. Stellan Skarsgård is a snow plough driver who gets a taste for shifting bodies as much as snow.

He goes on what must be the most Norwegian rampage ever. The snow seems to slow the whole thing down and deadens the sound, and in many ways it dictates the pace of the film. It’s oddball but it works.

Things escalate logically and by the time Bruno Ganz shows up as the rival mob boss who thinks a drugs war is starting, it’s genuinely unclear how it’s all going to end.

A weird, funny and effective thriller.

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