Ben Oliver

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Assassination Nation

You may kill me but you can’t kill us all.
30 September 2019

A hacker™ reveals the personal data of a whole town, and the blame comes down on a group of four girls. The villagers revolt and hunt them down.

This is a clumsy and ignorant attempt to pander to a young crowd. It smacks of something made by an older man who thinks he knows about teenagers, and guess what? It was!

The modern ‘threat’ of technology and the new social pressures it can cause is something worth exploring. However, Assassination Nation wildly oversimplifies the way it works. This doesn’t matter too much usually, but it uses its version of reality as a springboard for its crazy and violent final act, along with social commentary.

The final 30 minutes contain some great imagery but as the characters finally let loose, it’s more jarring than cathartic.

Almost a great film.