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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Dude, you are on fire.
13 October 2019

An epilogue to the hit TV-show. After the crazy events of the finale, Jesse goes on the run.

Where Better Call Saul has carved a niche for itself and justified its existence by being better than Breaking Bad, El Camino is there purely for the fans. If I’m going to be mean about Downton Abbey, I have to be mean about this.

Putting it straight on Netflix feels like less of a cash grab than Downton though, there is no double dipping into the audience’s time and wallets.

Despite its failures as a film, as an extra episode of Breaking Bad it is tense, funny and well put together. It answers questions I don’t think anyone had, but it’s not a total waste of time.

El Camino doesn’t offer much to fans of the show other than to allow them to spend another two hours in that world. For that alone you may enjoy it, but once the credits roll you’ll be wondering if it’s time to put the franchise to bed once and for all.

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