Ben Oliver

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Detective Pikachu

Are you gonna turn me into a lampshade?
14 February 2020

In a city where humans and Pokemon co-exist, a boy encounters a Pikachu who appears to be able to talk to him. He’s also a detective. They try to solve the mystery of the boy’s father’s disappearance.

I’m not sure if I was fully awake during Detective Pikachu because it didn’t entirely make sense to me. I think my lack of Pokemon knowledge may have hindered my viewing experience too.

I did appreciate the top-drawer world-building. They borrowed skyscrapers, buses, traffic lights, trains etc from all over the place to make a hybrid London-New York-Tokyo city. It’s jarring at first (the villain works in the Leadenhall Building and the Gherkin makes several appearances) but it feels surprisingly well fleshed out. Sets a distinct and slightly gritty urban tone far removed from the safety of most kid’s films.

Yes it made no sense to me, but the sense of humour, the mystery itself and the set design were more than enough to keep me interested in Detective Pikachu.