Ben Oliver

Banner image for Mulan


Ancestors, please protect her.
07 September 2020

Disney’s next entry in their run of live-action remakes. A young woman poses as a man to be a solider. The rules say women can’t fight, but she has found her calling so pushes on with her plan.

Probably one of the best looking of the remakes. The photography here is stunning—bright, crisp, vivid and colourful. It serves to show off the excellent set and costume design.

For me that’s just about where the praise ends. This is a weird re-imagining of Mulan where she has superpowers rather than just being smart and quick-witted. I know Disney owns Star Wars now but did Mulan really have to be the next jedi?

Actually strike that, Mulan can’t be a jedi because she fights for the empire.

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