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Enola Holmes

Sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water in order to attract the sharks.
27 September 2020

The story of Sherlock’s younger sister (Millie Bobby Brown). When Enola’s mother disappears, Mycroft Holmes is assigned as her guardian and wants to send her to finishing school. Enola escapes and goes on a hunt to track her down.

The plot is a bit of a dog here, with a couple of stories playing out at the same time but never quite coming together. You wouldn’t mind but Enola keeps calling herself a detective, without really having much work to do other than run around. Add to that a lot of ham-fisted Disney style feminism and it’s all a bit painful to watch.

There’s a fun and earnest tone throughout though which just about saves the day. The literal Fleabag-style nods to the camera are surplus to requirements, but otherwise Enola Holmes is good enough to keep you entertained until the last half hour or so.

I like Henry Cavill as you can tell from by two-dozen Mission Impossible: Fallout reviews, but was it that wise to cast him as the most intelligent man in the world? Perhaps it could have worked but he didn’t get nearly enough screen time to really capture the imagination.

Very competent, mostly enjoyable, probably could have been much better.

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