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Charlie’s Angels

I need you to exhibit some attention-seeking behavior.
29 November 2020

The ‘Angels’ now form part of a global corporation, with franchises all over the place. We follow this group on a new adventure as they fight an invisible enemy.

This got a bit of a drubbing in the press and that’s because there’s some low-hanging fruit to have a go at. The plot is so formulaic that you almost don’t have to watch the film to see what happens. The action sequences are equally uninspired. It’s weird that the Angels now work for a huge business with HR and company Christmas dinners.

There’s a lot of good stuff that was overlooked though. Yeah they start and end the film with liberal amounts of disney-feminism but through the actual body of the story Charlie’s Angels works hard to get its message across through action rather than posturing.

Also, the leading trio Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska work great together and are funny enough to save the film from itself. They definitely deserve better than this.

This is not a good film, but it has enough redeeming features to be worth a look if you’re in the mood for some easy-to-watch fun.

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