Ben Oliver

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Wonder Woman 1984

The truth is beautiful.
01 January 2021

A sequel to the 2017 hit starring Gal Gadot. This time Wonder Woman encounters a stone that grants a wish to whoever touches it. However, each wish comes at a great price.

My expectations weren’t high here—I quite liked the first film but wasn’t completely enamoured, and most sequels tend to be poor. Given all that, Wonder Woman 1984 manages to be worse than even I expected.

It’s really bloody long. The story is slumber-inducing, as is the action. The special effects are all over the place. Gal Gadot is great but much of the chemistry with her co-stars seems to be gone.

It seems off to be overly negative on the first day of the year, so I’ll leave it there. DC is back to its mediocre self.