Ben Oliver

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Why have all our revolutions failed?
22 January 2021

The based-on-real-life story of when the Women’s Liberation Movement upset the live broadcast of the Miss World pageant in 1970.

Some star power props us this otherwise slight film that struggles to balance its two parallel storylines. It’s great that it gives equal weight to the Miss World Contestants as well as the Women’s Lib Movement, but it all lacks a bit of bite.

However, Keira Knightley, Jessie Buckley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keeley Hawes, Rhys Ifans and Lesley Manville are all great and make up for a pretty bog standard script. They all bring such wit and charm to the whole project, making Misbehaviour an enjoyable experience when it could have been a damp squib.

You’ve seen it all before with these light-hearted UK mid-budget dramas based true stories, but if you want to see more you could do worse than Misbehaviour.