Ben Oliver

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You’re in control. But we need more fuel.
08 March 2021

A co-pilot (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) fights to save the lives of his passengers when his plane is hijacked by terrorists. The whole film occurs inside the cockpit.

The opening third here is dry, well-researched and methodical. We follow Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he prepares for take-off with the pilot. Everyone is so in their element it’s uncanny, and it’s a highly effective way to build tension.

The second third turns up the heat when the hijacking happens. It’s claustrophobic, unpredictable and the tension never eases up.

Then it all goes off the boil at the end, but who cares? This is a well-acted well-put-together thriller that is edge of the seat stuff for long enough to be worth a watch.

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