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The Beach Bum

I just wanna have a good time, until this shit’s over, man.
13 March 2021

Moondog (Matthew McConaughey) is a stoner, drunk, free-wheeling, fun-loving writer who goes through life playing by his own rules. We follow him as he tries to write his long overdue and much anticipated book.

The Beach Bum lacks universal appeal, but that’s forgiveable because I loved it. There’s a scene where Moondog is on his knees, giving head to Isla Fisher who is balancing on his shoulders ripping a huge bong on the patio of a mansion overlooking the ocean. Korine frequently makes you laugh against your better judgement and I couldn’t get enough of the reckless tone.

Moondog lives a life that could not be further from mine, yet his world view and sense of humour is infectious.

Hilarious, mad, barely structured and wonderfully acted. A fun-fuelled gem that I enjoyed more than (the also great) Spring Breakers.

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