Ben Oliver

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Thunder Force

You had a little surf and turf?
10 April 2021

A rich scientist (Octavia Spencer) devises a way to get super powers in order to fight ‘miscreants’—criminals with super-powers who are terrorising Chicago. When an old school friend (Melissa McCarthy) shows up at her doorstep and accidentally gets half the powers, they must form a crime-fighting duo instead of going solo.

It’s easy to make films where you just improvise everything because you don’t need to write jokes, you just need your actors to be funny. Yet, how often do projects like this work? Thunder Force certainly doesn’t, it’s one of the laziest and most self-indulgent attempts at comedy I’ve seen in a while.

There’s a plot in there somewhere that is equally devoid of thought or effort. I wasn’t expecting Hitchcock but some of the turns the story takes are insulting to the audience, it’s not just lazy, it’s an incoherent mess.

Painfully unfunny and uninspired.