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Uncut Gems

This is how *I* win. All right?
14 May 2021

Howard Ratner, a fast-talking risk-taking New York jeweller (Adam Sandler) struggles to keep up with his debts, his life spiralling more and more out of control with every decision he makes.

An anxious, relentless, manic romp through the seedy world of tacky jewellery and fake Rolexes. Uncut Gems bears similarities to the Safdie’s previous film Good Time, but this one strikes a different tone while sustaining the same end-to-end arse-clenching tension.

It’s fuelled by raw anxiety and paranoia, not exactly a fun ride for the audience but admittedly one that raises the heart rate. Unlike in Good Time where anything could happen, Howard is trapped in his little world with the walls closing in.

As a viewer I got sucked right in and briefly forgot that there was a world where people aren’t constantly trying to beat the shit out of you for money. That’s not a trick every film manages to pull off, whether it’s something you’d want to experience for yourself is up to you.

I can’t deny the brilliance of Uncut Gems, but I feel like I need to go outside and take a deep breath now.