Ben Oliver

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The Heartbreak Kid

This is honest food. There is no lying in that beef. There’s no insincerity in those potatoes. There’s no deceit in the cauliflower.
12 July 2021

A newlywed man (Charles Grodin) meets a woman (Cybill Shepherd) on his honeymoon. He immediately sets his sights on her, completely abandoning his wife (Jeannie Berlin).

What’s remarkable here is that the three central characters never get old: The awful man, chasing the next best thing; the slightly irritating wife; the alluring new woman. It all sounds very cliche but The Heartbreak Kid keeps it interesting through excellent performances and talented direction.

May isn’t afraid to steer scenes into difficult territory, she has a knack for keeping everything funny when on paper it’s a horrific situation—particularly when Charles Grodin decides to haphazardly end the marriage.

A terrific comedy, begging for a restoration.