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Another Round

When you run around totally wasted, throwing up in bushes and alleys, don’t feel alone, because you’re in great company.
14 August 2021

A group of four Danish schoolteachers, each fed up with life, embark on an experiment to keep their blood alcohol level up during the day, stopping only after 8pm and on weekends. Mads Mikkelsen stars.

You don’t need a spoiler warning to say that this is a cautionary tale, but what catches you off guard is how this film refuses to shy away from the benefits of alcohol. Why do people drink? To wash their woes away? Because it’s the only escape? Well perhaps, but Another Round makes the point that people also do it because it tastes good and it’s fun. And even when it’s damaged your life it doesn’t necessarily stop tasting good or being fun. It’s interesting to see the characters use it to tackle their problems rather than to run away from them.

A delicate and easy going portrait of people encountering middle age and not liking what they see. Like booze, the film gives you a warm embrace then slaps you in the face when you get too carried away. Powerful performances and some beautiful imagery drive home a well written script.

P.S. Of course Mads Mikkelsen is a wonderful dancer on top of everything else

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