Ben Oliver

A fond farewell to S & J’s Pantry

All good things come to an end
22 April 2022

A bittersweet post today—one of my favourite stalls in Sheffield’s Moor Market is closing tomorrow, due to a well deserved retirement.

I’ve been a customer since the Castle Market days, where they showed me that honey was more than just sugary goop. Their huge selection opened my eyes to a whole new world, and this attitude to ingredients has carried through to everything I buy.

S & J’s Pantry was run by husband and wife team Su and John Youdan. I’ll miss their astonishing amount of pickles, jams, honeys, crackers, flour, cured meats, cereals, tea, cordials… to list a few. All carefully curated and of the highest quality. Much of their produce is quite hard to find elsewhere in the city, and having a stall you can trust is a rare thing.

The greatest loss of all is their cheese counter, which stocked an extraordinary selection from the local area and from further afield. My wallet and waistline are probably grateful they are closing up shop!

Thank you, Su and John, for your hard work over the last 9 years. You will be sorely missed.

Su and John Youdan at their stall in the Moor Market