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Everything Everywhere All at Once

In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you.
27 May 2022

Michelle Yeoh wants to get her taxes sorted. The universe (and multiverse) really doesn’t want her to. Out of the blue, she gets pulled through all different versions of herself and sees all different versions of what her life could be (or could have been, or is), and is warned of a dark force that is threatening to take over all universes.

I can’t honestly be sure whether this film exists or whether it was all just a hallucination. Assuming it’s the former; it’s a wild fucking ride my friends.

Is it a tiresome, hyperactive, all-singing all-dancing mess or is it a modern masterpiece of wit, action and comedy grounded in a family story that resonates with the audience? It’s all of the above at once, of course!