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Thor: Love and Thunder

This is my vow: all gods will die.
12 July 2022

Thor needs to save some kids from Christian Bale.

I don’t know how people are seeing anything other than mildly entertaining white noise at this point. Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson are sizzling hot in it though which is something at least.

Taika Waititi applies his distinct sense of humour once again, but where it was a welcome change before it grows a little stale here. It particularly grates when spliced into storylines about cancer and kidnapped children.

Like all other Marvel films Thor IV is competent, fun and somehow deletes itself from your memory once the credits roll. It allows itself to get creative on the fringes of its story, but at it’s core it’s another day at the office for ol’ Thor.

PS I don’t usually spot or care about continuity errors, they are the reserve of pedants and teenagers, but this film has some howlers right in the very first scene

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