Ben Oliver

In Black and White

A Young Barrister’s Story of Race and Class in a Broken Justice System
22 August 2022

A fascinating series of anecdotes from a young black female barrister going through pupillage (the final stages of training).

It’s refreshing to read this snapshot of the UK legal system from the perspective of someone who would normally be deemed an outsider. Wilson recounts a series of cases in a professional but clear way, shedding light on how the system treats people.

The subtitle is poorly worded and undersells the book. It’s a personal memoir but to her credit Wilson prefers to focus on what she’s seen rather than what she’s done. It’s about race and class but not necessarily her race and class, and the diversity amongst all the case studies she chooses are largely what makes In Black and White such a page-turner.

An accessible yet eye-opening read into the complicated world of justice.