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Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn

Jesus was not merely the son of God, he also came from a good family on his mother’s side.
01 September 2022

A teacher’s (Katia Pascariu) sex tape leaks online. She mounts an impassioned defence of her job when faced with a tribunal of angry parents.

I enjoyed the wandering eye of the camera in the first act as we follow our protagonist simply going about her business in the city. It lags behind her, stopping to take in billboards and broken buildings. There’s also a bit of a one-take vibe to it with passers-by looking at the camera and even some instances of the crew being visible in the shot—it somehow comes of as funny rather than lazy.

Otherwise it’s a scathing portrait of a broken world crossed with some funny social satire. At its best the screenplay explores the boundaries between personal and private lives, and the role of the educator in society. At its worst it’s a series of weak provocations ripped straight out of an internet forum.

Original if not entirely successful, but probably worth hanging in there for the well executed final act.

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