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Kanpai, puta!
13 September 2022

A woman (Salma Hayek) tries to escape her life trapped as a prostitute for the mob. When they find out she is a police informant, the mob boss traps her in her apartment and sends wave after wave of goons to try to kill her.

Pointlessly gory, poorly written grindhouse nonsense. The plot is paper thin: Salma simply must fight whoever knocks at the door. It’s fine for a while but somehow even its short run time feels like a drag.

I like the single location premise even if it’s not all that well thought out, and I am a mere mortal so watching Salma Hayek on screen is always going to make for a good time. Someone on IMDb called this ‘blood and boobs’, which is probably an apt description.

Not a complete stinker, but far too one-dimensional* and not particularly creative in its execution. I did like the grizzly acid death, and the stainless steel kitchen she’s got is really lovely.

* OK no one can accuse Salma Hayek of being one dimensional (sorry, I just need to get it out of my system)

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